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As I prepare for the big Perfect Wedding Guide Bridal Show here in Orlando, I am concentrating on more bridal show tips to share. Today’s tips for bridal show success is dealing with load in and load out inexpensively and efficiently.

I carry quite a bit to the bridal show: Linens, table decor, banners, signs, books, color wheels, DVDs, handouts, promotional items, and photos. It is a lot to deal with and much of it is small and cumbersome. I don’t own a dolly so I rely on rolling suitcases to get things around. I like the suitcases better than boxes for a number of reasons.

  • They roll so I don’t need to drag around heavy equipment.
  • They have pockets for smaller items like pens and give away items
  • They expand and contract so after I hand out all of my giveaways, I can make the suitcases smaller for easy load out
  • You can find them inexpensively at thrift shops so you don’t have to worry about beating them up

For the more fragile items, I wrap them individually and hand carry them. Below is a photo of my entire load in.

It looks pretty easy for a couple of us to manage, don’t you think?

I want to hear about your bridal show tips so that I can share them with our wedding vendor blog readers. Post for me here or send me an email: susan(at)justmarry(dot)com. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter (susansoutherlan) and on Facebook (Susan Southerland Secret).

To my Orlando friends, best of luck at the show tomorrow. I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

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