Bridal Shows: What It Takes to Succeed and One Thing Brides Hate Most

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I know that I am doing a lot of talking about bridal shows. I seem to be attending one or two weekly. Yesterday I was in Atlanta at the Perfect Wedding Guide Bridal Show and I had the time to really pay attention to what was going on around me and I spoke to several brides.

What did I learn? Brides like bridal shows! They like the excitement of the crowd. They love the “free stuff.” They also like being able to compare several vendors in one place. Most of the brides that I spoke with were genuinely shopping for vendors, only a few said that they were just in it for the prizes and giveaways.

Every bride I spoke with said that they were attracted to colorful booths and to vendors with personality. Several brides also told me that if a booth didn’t have enough staff to take at least a moment of time to speak with them, that they would just move on and cross that vendor off the list. (See, adequate staff at a bridal show is important!) Every bride said that there was one thing that she absolutely hates. Watch the videos at the bottom to find out what that was.

Here is what else I noticed:

  • Vendors who stood in front of their tables and comfortably chatted with guests were always busy. Their booths never had a shortage of people.
  • Vendors who stood behind their booths or talked with their co-workers very often were alone.
  • Brides were attracted to booths that had items higher than table level. Tables with backdrops and draping did extremely well.
  • Brides kept interesting handouts and discussed them with other brides. One stationery company gave out pinwheels made of stunning paper. Brides were carrying them around everywhere and showing them off. That booth was packed!
  • Below are a couple of interviews that represent what the brides were telling me. Please note, the audio on the first one is not very good. I debated on whether or not to post it, but I thought the information was really good.

    There you have it… All of the brides I spoke with said the same thing these two brides said; they don’t like pushy sales people. That’s an important thing to keep in mind… educate brides, excite bride, inspire brides but DON’T try to push them.

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