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I’m proud of so many things when it comes to my business; however, the single thing of which I am most proud was directly influenced by my family…more accurately, my desire to have one.

 Our company policy is that anyone can take time off whenever it’s necessary or desired to do something with a family member. Whether it is going to see a school play, take a vacation, or caring for an elderly parent, my team knows their time off request will be granted and there will be no penalties.

 This idea came to me when working for another company before I was married and before I had children. It seemed to me that two weeks of personal time was completely insufficient to enjoy one’s life. I knew I’d be stifled in that environment and I became determined to establish a company where I could easily take time off and spend time with my family.

As the company grew, it seemed fair that I extend the same benefit to my employees. I have one employee who tailors her work schedule around when her baby naps and when her husband is home with the baby. I had another who took two weeks off to care for her grandmother when her mother couldn’t because the time off jeopardized her job.

 The end result is that I have a team of happy employees who work tirelessly so that nothing falls through the cracks while they’re off. I have a team who jumps in to help others get work done in times of need, and I have been able to take some memorable long vacations with my family as well as care for them when necessary.

 It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that my proudest business achievement was inspired by my proudest personal achievement.

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