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It’s been a busy couple of weeks around here! There are lots of lovely couples celebrating weddings and anniversaries this December here in Orlando, so the Just Marry! team has been running. Finally, I have the opportunity to sit down and share with you the fantastic things that I learned earlier this month in New York at the Inc. Women’s Summit.

The Summit itself was a wonderful experience. It was incredible being in a room of 150 women who were either successful entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs. They were a creative and energetic group; ready and eager to learn.

The first speaker was Sara Blakely, Founder and Owner of Spanx. She shared stories of how she started the company. The trials and tribulations that she went through to get that product launched were hilarious! My takeaways were as follows:

  • If you think you have a great idea, don’t let anything stand in your way to get it launched: Sarah persevered through lack of funds, industry experts telling her that her idea was ridiculous, poor product placement, and a short supply of gussets (a.k.a. crotches).
  • When you have an idea you believe in, don’t share it with anyone until you have a solid plan of how you will make it succeed: When ideas are new, they are more vulnerable. Well intending “advisers” may undermine your confidence before you have a chance to run with your idea.

If you ever have an opportunity to hear Sara speak… do it! She is truly inspirational.

The second speaker was Barbara Corcoran. She has a great book called Shark Tales which gives details on how she turned $1000.00 into a billion dollar business. Here are some of her secrets to building your business:

  • Perception creates reality: Look bigger than you are and make sure people know about you.
  • Everybody wants what everybody wants: Create a sense of demand for your product or service. If you are in demand, more people will want you.
  • Expand before you’re ready: Don’t wait for a good time to increase your market, just go for it.
  • Shoot the dogs early: If someone on your team is dragging you down, get rid of him or her quickly. Poor performers and complainers hurt business and create negative energy. Fire them regularly.
  • Recognition motivates better than money: How can you reward your employees in ways other than monetary bonuses?
  • Fun is good for business: Throw fun parties and do interesting activities with your team. That will keep them loyal and interested.

I am going to run out and get her book to read over my holiday break. I’m sure she has many more good lessons to teach.

We are heading into a new year that is full of promise and new opportunities. I hope that each and every one of you takes the time to figure out how to re-energize yourself and your team and get ready to tackle new challenges. I wish you all a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous new year!

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