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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you were able to communicate so effectively during a sales consultation that a bride wouldn’t desire to meet with anyone else? It can happen and I have a few secrets to share with you on how to do just that!

I actually have many secrets that I share in my newly published book, The Susan Southerland Secret: Personality Marketing to Today’s Bride, that is filled with “A-HA!” moments waiting for you to discover. I’m honored to have been named a Barnes & Noble Rising Star author, which means our book is included in a special collection, available online through Barnes & Noble!

We have much to talk about, but let’s start today with 3 secrets to securing a bride’s confidence and interest on the spot:

1. Do more listening than talking. And, I don’t just mean literally. Pay attention to everything from how she addresses you in an email correspondence to her expression as she shakes your hand for the first time. Is she a “short and sweet” bride that is succinctly professional? Or, does she love to talk about every aspect of her wedding – even those areas not pertaining particularly to you and wants to you how your weekend was? Or, maybe she’s shy and just asks about costs because that’s all she knows? Adapt your consultation to fit the style she is expressing to you – if even only by email.

2. Don’t make assumptions! We’ve all had the bride that asks about money first, or the one who only gives one word answers. Have you ever thought she’s not the right bride for you? Then, you’ll love this chapter in my book! Be careful not to make assumptions just by these types of characteristics. It doesn’t necessarily mean she doesn’t have a large budget or that she’s not fun and creative. We all act differently when put in a new situation and meeting someone new. The more we are mindful of this, the more she’ll pick up on our welcoming attitude and feel more comfortable with us.

3. Ask for it! It can be a humbling experience the first time you overtly ask for a piece of business. I can remember mine clearly. But, it worked – and it may just for you, too. In today’s economy, there are vendors around every corner who will price themselves lower and offer more. So, today’s bride needs to know how much you desire to work with her. Don’t be afraid to tell her this. It’s worthy to note not to come across desperate, but after looking back over your notes, it’s wonderful to tell a bride how genuinely excited you would be to work with her and ask to work with her.

I have much, much more to share with you through my book– in which I go into depth on identifying a bride’s personality and then teach you how to adapt your strategy to fit each client perfectly. These are just 3 mini-secrets that helped me take my business up to 200 weddings per year.

I’ll keep you posted on my upcoming speaking engagements and workshops and in the meantime, I encourage you to read about this concept in The Susan Southerland Secret: Personality Marketing to Today’s Bride.

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